Ferrari F430 Challenge
EUR 115,000.00
- Year Model: 2006
- Engine: 4.3l V8
- Gearbox: 6 Speed Sequential paddle shift
- Weight: 1217kg

- Mileage: 6577km (Chassis, engine & Gearbox)

Upgraded parts:

-Moton 3 way dampers
-Brakes from GT3
-GT2 Rims 18”
-GT front bumper with splitter & rear wing
-Carbon front fenders, doors and mirror (From Michelotto)
-Sliding seat
-Adjustable front roll bar
-Bigger Aluminium Radiator
-Wishbone anti-dive pins

Contact: Pierre Rigaudin at or +86 135 272 990 92


Bought in 2008, the car was in brand-new condition, as the previous owner didn’t run the car at all. At that time, the car was in Challenge spec and we started to update some of the parts to GT3 specs.

We participated in some of the GT Asia sprint races between 2008 and 2012.

The car didn’t race since 2012 and have been kept for private collection. In very good condition and with low mileage, the car is ready for track day. The Seat, belts & fire extinguisher are expired. The car never had any serious accident, only minor racing contacts that have been fixed.

The vehicle can be view in Zhuhai International Circuit, China and some of the OEM parts are stored in Hong Kong.


-OEM Rims x2 sets
-OEM Carbon brakes & Callipers
-OEM Front fender & front Bumper
-OEM dampers
-OEM Catalytic exhaust
-All the covers that are missing on the pictures.

All the pictures are available here: